Natural Bob Tail (NBT)

    The Natural Bob Tail gene is another gene occurring in the Pyrenean Shepherd breed. DNA TESTING NBT – UC Davis (Listed for Pyrenean Shepherds) RESEARCH & ARTICLES Ancestral T-Box Mutation Is Present in Many, but Not All, Short-Tailed Dog Breeds (Multiple Authors) Intro – Congenitally short-tailed dogs are present in many breeds; … We investigated here the presence of the T gene mutation in 23 other breeds (360 dogs, including 156 natural short tailed) in which natural bobtailed dogs exist. (NOTE: The Pyrenean Shepherd is referenced in this article.)

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    Collie eye anomaly: a congenital syndrome of ocular anomalies characterized by bilateral and often symmetrical defects including any combination of choroidal hypoplasia, coloboma and retinal detachment(s). (From the OFA Eye Disease Glossary) Choroidal hypoplasia: a congenital, inherited, non-progressive defect primarily affecting the choroid resulting in some or all of the following: decreased or lack of pigment in the retinal pigment epithelium or choroid, tapetal thinning and reduced or abnormal choroidal blood vessels. (From the OFA Eye Disease Glossary) Coloboma: a congenital abnormality in ocular development usually characterized by focal absence of tissue, commonly (though not exclusively) located at the 6 o’clock position associated with failure of closure of the optic fissure. (From the…