Open Source

This portion of the site will be a portal for breeders and owners to share health information on their dogs, which may not be easily accessible elsewhere. The purpose of this information is to empower lovers of this breed, with more knowledge, with which to help them make breeding decisions, that are in the best interest of the breed at large. By courageously and honestly sharing information with each other we can preserve the past and protect the future.

Specific information on each issue can be found on the TOPICS page, and links to Open Source information is listed below by topic as well.

Open Source | CEA/CH & Information about CEA/CH.


If you are interested in having your dog or dogs added to this page please email:
opensource (at) pyreneanshepherds (dot) com
We will respond with a short questionnaire for you to reply to.
(All dogs listed are required to submit substantiation of reported status.