Open Source | CEA/CH Project

Since there is no genetic testing that can identify CEA/CH in Pyrenean Shepherds, this portion of the site will serve as a portal for breeders and owners to share health information on their dogs, so that we can work together to eradicate this problem from our breed.

The purpose of this information is to empower lovers of the breed with more knowledge to help them make breeding decisions that will be in the best interest of their own dogs, as well as of breed at large. It is by courageously and honestly sharing information with each other that we can preserve the past and protect the future.

Please be sure to thank the breeders and owners, of affected and known carrier dogs, for being willing to make this information public.

Before proceeding to the Open Source | CEA/CH Project,
please read all of the CEA/CH Information first.

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CEA/CH Open Source

Updated July 2021

If you would like to add your dog’s information to the Open Source Project please contact us and we will send you a short survey to fill out. (Please be aware that all information needs to be verified with documentation before being published here.)