Join the Open Source Project

Would you like to join the work of open and honest dialogue about health issues in the Pyrenean Shepherd?

About the Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source Project (PSOSP)

The Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source Project is designed to foster an atmosphere of openness within the Pyr Shep community. Both owners and breeders are welcome into the program, and agree to the following to participate: 

As a breeder and/or owner of Pyrenean Shepherds I agree:

1. To support open and honest communication, and the sharing of accurate information between breeders and owners in order to help improve the overall genetic health of the breed.

2. To openly and publicly disclose information about the health issues of dogs that I own or have bred.

3. To support and assist other breeders in their disclosure efforts, and not to speak ill of any breeder or breeding program that has produced an affected Pyrenean Shepherd.

4. To compassionately support and assist owners of affected dogs in the gathering of information on the genetic diseases that have stricken their dogs.

5. Whenever possible, to support legitimate research studies concerning genetic diseases in Pyrenean Shepherds, and to encourage others to do the same.

6. Whenever possible, to provide CHIC DNA samples on my dogs in order to support the DNA bank to be used for future research projects. (These samples are banked for the use of research projects.)

7. To have my Pyrenean Shepherds screened for genetic diseases (as recommended by the CHIC program), and to support the open disclosure of health issues that affect the Pyrenean Shepherd, by sharing both normal and abnormal the test results, in ways that support what is in the best interest of the breed.

How to Become a PSOSP Participant

Owners and breeders that wish to participate in the Open Source Project can do so contacting us and agreeing to the terms listed above.  Upon approval, you will receive a logo to use on your website or Facebook page. (We reserve the right to deny any applicant, or revoke any participant for any reason.)

Please be aware that Open Source Participants…
ARE NOT resources about other owners or breeders dogs (only their own).
ARE NOT veterinarians (unless noted otherwise), and cannot give specific treatment advice.