Epilepsy has a long history in this breed, and while careful breeding has helped lessen the numbers, it is still something that breeders should be thoughtful about.


Canine Epilepsy: Demystifying The Myths (Dr. Giunio Cherubini, DVM, DECVN) Epilepsy is not a specific disease, but rather a disorder of aberrant neural connections that can have the widest range of clinical manifestations, from simple “fly-catching” or other unusual head and body movements, to the generalized tonic-clonic contraction with associated incontinence and loss of consciousness.

ADAM23 is a common risk gene for canine idiopathic epilepsy (multiple authors) – In this study, we aimed to identify new IE loci by GWA analyses in four breeds: Finnish Lapphund, Kromfohrländer, Miniature Pinscher and Pyrenean Shepherd