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The Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source Project (PSOSP) is dedicated to the increase and dissemination of knowledge about genetics in the Pyrenean Shepherd (Berger des Pyrénées), and the inherited diseases from which it sometimes suffers.

Our breed is known for its soundness and versatility; with some dogs performing the job they were originally created to do; some as top competitors in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, stockdog trials, and other events; and many as beloved family companions. These many areas of activity involve people of differing backgrounds and goals, but canine hereditary disease is a reality for all of us. 

Without access to information about hereditary diseases, breeders and owners cannot make informed decisions related to preserving our past and protecting our future. In a breed with small numbers, it is often difficult to find a university or organization to invest resources to do breed specific research, resulting in a lack of DNA screening tests being developed for our breed.

In order to help navigate these challenges we have created the PSOSP to provide information about Pyr Shep genetics and health issues.

The Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source Project is made possible by many owners, breeders, researchers, veterinarians and health advocates for the breed. We are grateful for their willingness to share research, write articles, and share open source information on their dogs.

In addition to all the supporters above, the Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source is overseen by an Advisory Committee: Susan Buttivant, Anik McGrory, Joni Monney-McKeown, and Kim Rice.