The Pyrenean Shepherd Open Source (PSOS) is dedicated to the increase and dissemination of knowledge about Pyrenean Shepherds (Berger des Pyrénées) for both breeders and owners.

Ultimately our goal is to create a space to bring us all together to help preserve the past and protect the future of this beloved breed; therefore we are an “open source” not connected to any club, organization, or company. This site is for everyone that loves the Pyrenean Shepherd and desires to work together out of devotion to the breed.

While this site is primarily about health and genetics in the Pyrenean Shepherd (Berger des Pyrénées); it is also about maintaining breed type and soundness. We must maintain all of these things in balance, otherwise we no longer have a breed. A mixed breed may be structurally sound and have good movement. A mixed breed may have outstanding health clearances. A mixed breed has no breed type though. To preserve and protect the breed we must have all three. Like a stool with three legs, if one is longer than the other it is not functional.

Breed Type + Soundness + Good Health = A Future for the Pyrenean Shepherd

Without access to information about breed type, sound structure and hereditary diseases, breeders and owners cannot make informed decisions related to preserving our past and protecting our future, especially in a breed with small numbers like the Pyrenean Shepherd. It is imperative then, for breeders to focus not only on their own breeding programs, but on what will maintain this wonderful breed into the future.

In order to help navigate these challenges we have created the PSOS website to serve as an accessible collection of information on genetics and health issues specific to Pyrenean Shepherds (Berger des Pyrénées) in the HEALTH TOPICS section, including providing a place for breeders and owners to share health information about their own dogs that may not be easily accessible elsewhere in the Open Source Project. To support breeders in maintaining breed type and soundness, we also have resources in our Breed Education section related to this.

We hope you will join us!

“The breed is a breed of maintenance – not development!” – Guy Mansencal